Sommarbild på Hotell Forsen

We have made up our minds

We know that the typical western lifestyle is not the best for our planet. At the same time, we want to enjoy life. We believe that with very small actions, that are easy to take, we can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. Some simple examples of the steps we have taken are, reducing large portions of meat and placing more vegetables on the plate and offering our high-quality tap water instead of bottled water. By all means, the water can be flavoured with a slice of lemon or lime. We believe in balance.

We have made up our minds to follow a sustainable agenda throughout our operations.

We are reducing the food waste by improving our kitchen and serving routines.

We are focusing on buying and using local produce.

Our wine list should always offer an organic selection.

We choose to work with small-scale wine and beer producers.

We use environmentally sound detergents for cleaning and maintenance.

We work to reduce the use of energy in our premises.

We support the Water for Africa initiative.

Right outside our buildings, clean and fresh mountain water flows by in the beautiful and wild Vindel River. We take for granted that freshwater is available through our taps every day. At the same time, access to clean water is something that could change everything. Water plays a fundamental role in the everyday lives of all people around the world. Water provides a chance for life and continued growth in the now and for future generations.

We hope that you want to share our commitment with Mother Earth, running water and future generations of people.